• Margaret Levy did a great job. We would consider her for future matters.

  • Maggie was great! She did a great job of trying to settle a case that was unlikely to settle.

  • Ms. Levy was personable and professional and was able to settle a difficult case to the parties' satisfaction. Would use her again in a heartbeat.

  • She has a very strong insurance background... but at the same time, she's not somebody that I would perceive as being beholden to the big insurance companies. She has independence.

  • Her diligence, firm grasp of the issues and law, and her creativity in crafting a solution more often than not leads to a resolution.

  • She came up with a very creative approach to sort of shift gears, look at things from a difference perspective, and try to get the other side to basically get within what ultimately ended up being the settlement range by just changing the way that we were looking at the numbers. What really impressed us was that she worked so hard with us and was persistent... even when it seemed like there wasn't going to be much hope.

  • It was a pleasure to meet you, and we sincerely thank you for doing such excellent (and thorough) work. We have recommended your services as a mediator to the firm on future cases.

  • Margaret Levy did a great job. We would consider her for future matters.

  • Thank you for your work to resolve my case. I got emotional after my counsel informed me of the news, perhaps because it relates to my brain injury, or perhaps because my decades-long relationship with Blue Shield continues, so I am comforted that my insurance company and I are on the same side again. Cases end up being about money, but they are based on human interaction, and this human is grateful to everyone who helped end this chapter of my life. Coincidentally, tomorrow is the three-year anniversary of the bike accident that interrupted my life, and I feel fortunate just to be here.


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Margaret Levy, Esq.